To allow all visitors to navigate throughout the website, whilst not being restricted to using the mouse, a set of shortcut keys have been included. In addition all non-text content has been assigned a text equivalent. 

Main Menu

In addition to navigating the website using a mouse the hyperlinks in the main menu can be accessed using shortcut keys. The links in the main menu have each been allocated a sequential number (1 = Home, 2 = Services). To access the hyperlinks using this alternative method please follow these simple steps:


When accessing a page on the website that contains a form (Sales section) the cursor will automatically be placed in the first form field. The Tab key can be used to navigate through the form input boxes in sequence. In addition, as an alternative to clicking the Submit button on our forms you may use a shortcut key as follows:

The content of your form will now have been sent.

Text Equivalents and Descriptions

All non-text elements (images) found throughout the website have been allocated a text equivalent or description.

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